Customer Experience Channels

In this age of customer preferences, affinity towards certain channels and content consumption behavior are the two key aspects that marketers need to wrap their heads around.

Customer A may be a Twitter fanatic whereas Customer B might favor email newsletters. Unless marketers are able to identify, record and act upon such preferences, they will be unable to provide a seamless experience to their customers across such channels.

Digital Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience and Increase Revenue with 1:1 Marketing

The customer has changed. The new customer has very little attention and you need to learn ways to grab her attention early on. If you need new customers, deliver messages that are contextual and relevant.

One-to-One Marketing is the way to go forward!

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Customer experience channels

Give them what they have tended to like

A frequent scenario is disconnect in messaging or relevance. If Customer A has retweeted one of your recent posts, are you sending him email content that is related to what he has liked from you on Twitter? With large customer databases, such 1:1 connects may be difficult, but data and content segmentation mapped to channel preferences is the big key for marketers working with huge data sets.

Customer Preferences

Channel and consumption insights shape the experience

Marketers often work with talented user experience designers and writers but the challenge they have to surmount is the ‘one kind of content or experience fits all’ thinking. If a particular set of customers prefer to read social user generated content about your product on their tablets, then, as a marketer, you need to do everything possible to meet such a preference. However, you can only act when you know. Therefore, to stay on top of customer preferences and to make your creative and content team more effective, close to real time channel and consumption insights are critical for you.

One of edynamic’s strengths is to create a framework for marketers that enables them to be consistent and relevant for their customers across channels. This framework combines data insights with channel identification and content planning for superior targeting and seamless customer experience.


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