Customer Experience Platform

The digital eco-system can be broad and far reaching.

Depending upon their industry and audience (B2B, B2C or marketplaces), digital marketers have to go through a lot every single day. There are campaigns to manage, digital properties that need attention, marketing automation infrastructure to keep up, eCommerce experiences, social reputation and customer service to worry about and this is an endless cycle. What if battle-weary marketers had an integrated platform that could enable them to control and deliver great customer experience?

Digital Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience and Increase Revenue with 1:1 Marketing

The customer has changed. The new customer has very little attention and you need to learn ways to grab her attention early on. If you need new customers, deliver messages that are contextual and relevant.

One-to-One Marketing is the way to go forward!

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Customer experience platform

What does a customer experience platform look like?

Simply stated, a customer experience platform should provide marketers with the power to orchestrate individual experiences across every channel. In reality, it is a bit more complex. This platform is essentially an integration of several digital technologies that marketers use. Some of these technologies are core and some are good to have. Principally, core technologies include your Web content management system, marketing automation, CRM, Social marketing/listening and digital analytics.

CX platform

What is the value that marketers can derive from a CX platform?

The notion of an integrated digital platform for delivering great customer experience might appear to marketers as only that - a notion. But, if you have the core digital technologies already in place, then the benefits of integrating them into a single platform are too many to ignore:

  • Actionable customer profile

    Identify real customer attributes, behavior and preferences

  • Insight

    Analyze performance and tie back to revenue goals

  • Optimize

    Optimize cross channel experiences with data and insight

edynamic has deep expertise in integrating digital technologies to create composite stacks that enable marketers to meet their challenges around delivering great experiences and making revenue impact. edynamic has several custom connectors around Web CMS, marketing automation, CRM and analytics platforms that are being used successfully by customers globally.


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