Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner

A relationship which commenced in 2004 with Sitecore has seen us deliver market leading digital solutions on the Sitecore platform for customers the world over.

We have grown with Sitecore. From multi-site and multi-lingual implementations to being one of the pioneers of Sitecore’s digital marketing suite programming, from large public websites to customer portals, from setting up and running global website operations on Sitecore to niche, promotional microsites, we have delivered high quality on Sitecore projects of scale, skill and complexity.

  • Sitecore Partner
  • Sitecore Gold Implementation
  • Sitecore MVP

With the new Sitecore 8.1 Experience Platform, we have already launched several websites for customers. Our focus is on delivering engaging customer experiences using the game changing capabilities of Sitecore 8.1.

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Industry expertise on Sitecore

Regardless of industry, business objective or technology, edynamic has the experience our customers have come to trust. Some of the verticals we have provided Sitecore solutions for include:

  • Insurance

  • Professional Services & Legal

  • High Technology

  • Financial Services

  • CPG

  • Manufacturing

sitecore connector

The Sitecore Marketing Technology Ecosystem designed to improve marketers’ performance

Digital marketers can orchestrate superior email, social and video marketing campaigns, measure their effectiveness and integrate customer feedback into their initiatives.

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Sitecore Based Solution



edynamic has developed a market leading digital platform for law firms on the Sitecore framework to launch corporate websites, mobile apps and proposal generator quickly and efficiently.

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Sitecore Marketing Automation Connectors

sitecore eloqua connector

Sitecore Eloqua Connector

edynamic has designed and crafted proprietary integration between Sitecore and leading marketing automation platform, Oracle|Eloqua, which is being used successfully by many customers.

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Sitecore ExactTarget connector

Sitecore Pardot Connector

edynamic has developed custom integration between Sitecore and Salesforce|Pardot marketing platform, which is being rolled out to several customers.

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Sitecore Exact target Connector

Sitecore ExactTarget Connector

edynamic leverages the power of the duo, ExactTarget and Sitecore CMS to help customers improve marketing effectiveness, generate high quality sales-ready leads and drive revenue.

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Sitecore Marketo Connector

Sitecore Marketo Connector

edynamic is helping customers and prospects engage digitally by integrating Marketo with Sitecore CMS.

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Sitecore Video Connectors

Sitecore Kaltura connector

Sitecore Kaltura Connector

This connector allows you to publish videos from your local system and Sitecore media library to Kaltura, the world's first open source online video platform.

Sitecore Brightcove Connector

Sitecore Brightcove Connector

This connector basically gives you the single point to access your online video platform and the Sitecore media library.

Sitecore Youtube Connector

Sitecore Youtube Connector

This connector’s purpose is to manage videos from the Sitecore media library to YouTube platform.

Sitecore Vidyard connector

Sitecore Vidyard Connector

The connector will let you manage all your videos such as uploading, editing title, decription, analytics report, etc from Sitecore instance to Vidyard.

Sitecore Bazaarvoice Connector

Sitecore BazaarVoice connector

Sitecore Bazaarvoice Connector

Sitecore BazaarVoice Connector provides an easy way to implement the features by BazaarVoice, such as reviews, comments, questions, answers related to a product on a website.

Sitecore Blogger Connector

Sitecore Blogger Connector

Sitecore Blogger Connector

With the help of Sitecore Blogger Connector, you can add a new post to the existing posts of the blog category on

Sitecore Azure Connector

Sitecore Azure connector

Sitecore Azure Connector

The Sitecore Azure Connector provides you a way to push your Sitecore items or files from local system as a blob to containers in Azure blob storage.

edynamic wins

People's Choice Award

for delivering an engaging website at the 2015 Sitecore Experience Awards in North America

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We provide end-to-end services for Sitecore CMS – encompassing the entire Sitecore CMS lifecycle including the roadmap, assessment, total cost of ownership, digital strategy to user experience design and Sitecore implementation. Additionally, we also provide ongoing managed services and operational support for Sitecore.

  • Sitecore Digital Strategy

    Our expert team of strategists and marketing technologists defines the blueprint of optimally using Sitecore as an inbound marketing platform; beyond just being a CMS. We bring the true power of Sitecore platform to your organization.

  • Architecture Design

    Leveraging our extensive experience, best practices and proven usage patterns, we develop a technical & content architecture that works for you.

  • Information Architecture

    We define the most suitable information architecture to ensure that your information is findable and located where the audience would expect it to be.

  • User Experience Design

    We design remarkable user interface designs for websites based on Sitecore CMS. Our visual design services leverage dynamic CMS content, to generate vibrant and engaging experiences for your visitors.

  • Sitecore Implementation

    We deliver pristine Sitecore solutions using standard AGILE based development best-practices. We use a variety of edynamic’s proprietary modules and toolkits, which enables us to deliver better quality and higher reliability.

  • Content Migration

    We have several customized migration modules that allow us to easily analyze, extract, transform and transfer data into Sitecore. Our migration solutions solve challenges such as content extraction, transformation and cleansing.

  • Sitecore Ecosystem

    edynamic has extensive experience integrating Sitecore CMS with complementary platforms, including Sitecore OMS, Clay Tablet, SharePoint, Eloqua, Telligent Community, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce to deliver complete digital ecosystem.

  • Marketing Operations

    We provide ongoing managed services for web properties/infrastructure and applications from a support and maintenance perspective with dedicated teams assigned to manage your work.

  • Commerce Services

    Implementation of Sitecore Commerce with integration including microsoft dynamic, other CRM platforms and PIM/ERP systems.

  • Sitecore 8.1 Experience Platform and xDB programming

  • Sitecore Analytics custom reporting and dashboards

  • Segmentation and experience optimization customization

  • Personalization and targeting programs

Our Work

We have delivered tailored Sitecore solutions to some of the most well-known brands.

Vertafore | Case Studies


edynamic thread-bared the existing Vertafore website and came up with a seamless upgrade to Sitecore 8.0 solution.

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edynamic delivered an industry leading site on Sitecore that engages and communicates the value proposition of the brand.

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XL Group | Case Studies

XL Group

edynamic crafted a digital regionalization foundation that included strategy, UX and functional recommendations.

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Max Life Insurance

edynamic developed distribution portal, group portal and corporate website on Sitecore CMS for Max Life Insurance.

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Read about our globally published Sitecore work

Aviva casestudy

Aviva Life Insurance

An increase in leads by 40% and site traffic by almost 60% within two months of launching the website with Sitecore CMS.

New York life casestudy

New York Life

For more than 40 years, New York Life Retirement Plan Services retirement solutions and service to corporations and unions. With more than $30 billion in assets under administration, New York Life administers 401(k)

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