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Marketing Challenges in Law Firms

  • 'One size fits all’ approach

    doesn’t engage clients

    ‘One size fits all’ approach doesn’t engage clients

    Your clients expect content and experiences to be personalized to their needs.

  • Lack of insight

    Lack of insight

    Marketers at law firms don’t have the adequate insight to optimize experiences for clients. This lack of insight impacts ability to create experiences that engage.

  • Long timelines to deliver

    digital initiatives

    Long timelines to deliver digital initiatives

    Websites and other digital property deployments take longer than acceptable, and reduce marketers’ ability to be more responsive to client needs.

What is S O L I S I T ?

SOLISIT improves client engagement for law firms and allows them to create personalized digital experiences, get more insight and optimize engagement. With SOLISIT’s ready-to-go assets, marketers can launch digital solutions including corporate websites, mobile applications and proposal generators. SOLISIT is powered by Sitecore, a leading Customer Experience Management solution.

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How will S O L I S I T help you?


Launch websites that engage clients

SOLISIT allows firms to rapidly create websites that engage clients. The platform offer features that leading websites need


Proposal Generator

Allows firms to use a single marketing database to create proposals in multiple formats. An upcoming feature.

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The platform provides ready-to-use reporting and dashboards

Bio Management

Firms can manage bios of personnel in a single database, and provide simple access to clients


Mobile App

SOLISIT provides a mobile app to engage clients with thought leadership.

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Subscription Center

The Solisit subscription center provides a law firm/professional services firm website visitor the ability to control the content he/she wants to receive from the firm e.g. latest press releases, blogs, news articles, industry perspectives, etc. Website visitors that subscribe to this service can automatically receive content from the firm based on their preferences.

Single view of the client

Client data can be integrated from multiple marketing systems, CRM, and social marketing platforms to help provide insights into improving client engagement.

Industry leading website search

Attorney, Cases search using Global search, Facet search and Natural language search.

Email marketing

Ready-to-go templates enables firms to trigger personalized emails to prospects and clients based on their behavior.


Using Solisit, eCards can be sent to multiple users at a time. The feature also enables website administrators to customize the greeting text and select eCard templates from various templates hosted within Sitecore. The administrator further will get a delivery report for the eCard sent, can track the bounce backs and will also get notifications if the eCard has been viewed by the recipient.


This feature allows PDF documents on the website to be viewed in the form of an eBook. These PDFs could even be publications by law firm attorneys, which website users can view as eBooks.

Print Module

Website users can print the ‘Bio Details’ of attorneys by selecting the ‘Print’ option. The feature also enables website users to include or exclude certain sections/pages of the attorney bios while printing the bios.

How marketers can benefit fromS O L I S I T ?


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